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     $sign.gif (15449 bytes) Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin...if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit. 
Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England
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At Economic Links 101 you will learn "What you didn't know you didn't know"!! Throughout my years of formal education, ending with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I had absolutley no idea that bankers create only the principal and not the usury otherwise known as interest. I was just like the majority of trusting students who graduated with little or no knowledge about economics, money and banking.

I believed our money system operated to facilitate fair trade and exchange among the citizens of Canada. It was not until I was 30 years old that I began my search for "truth" about money. I started to ask questions and question answers after reading None Dare Call It Conspiracy - a book written by Gary Allen in 1971. My research on money and banking continues in libraries and on the internet. More of my story at this URL:

Study the articles below and ponder if such information was presented in economics textbooks during your years of formal learning. Links to other articles presenting the "truth" about money and banking are always appreciated. Send them to: Economic Links 101 

Pastor Sheldon Emry:
Billions For The Bankers:
Debts For The People

Canadian Edition
Billion For The Bankers:
Debts For The People
Multiple Authors:
Money & Banking Debate
& Alternative Money Systems  
& Local and Interest-Free Currencies 
Bernard A. Lietaer:
Community Currencies
Beyond Greed and Scarcity
  The Light Party:
An Abundance of Economic Reforms        
Various Authors:
Lessons from TCN's AIR (Abolish Interest Rates) Classroom
Tommy-No: Usury
"Usury Freed" Trumps "Usury-Greed"
John Turmel:
LETS Engineering Mathematics
Thirst for Justice:
Taxes, Laws, History and all about Money.
Roy Davies:
Financial Scandals
Landmark Decision
The Credit River Decision
Financial Planning:
A Collection of Offshore Resources
Echan Deravy
The Sovereign Paradigm
Devvy Kidd
Money Issues
Justice and Fairness
The Humungous Bank
The Treaty of Noordwijk Bruno St. Pierre
Letter To Jean Chretien
Paul Angus Sullivan
Banks & Secrecy
Banking Quotes
Paul Angus Sullivan
Bank & Tax Oath
Canadian Version
Billions For The Bankers, Debts For The People Congressman McFadden (1934)
On the Federal Reserve Corporation
Kedar Cohen
Reclaim Your Power
The Pill/Galaxy Program
Barrie Konikov
The Great Snow Job
Jason Jeffrey
The Evil Of Usury
Merrill Jenkins
On Monetary Reform
Various Authors
Lessons From TCN's Freedom Classroom
Tommy-No: Usury
Letter To Prime Minister Jean Chretien
Eustace Mullins
Books on Money, Banking, World Power & Politics
Tommy-No: Usury
Proposal to Mayor Bob Chiarelli
Tom Valentine
Interviews Eustace Mullins on Radio Free America
The Jak Bank
A "usury-free" Bank in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries ...
Louis T. McFadden
Conresssman Cries Treason
Roy Davies
Electronic Money, or E-Money, and Digital Cash
Walter Wriston
The Future of Money
Stephanie Relphe
I Want The Earth Plus 5%
Frederick Mann
Complementary Money System
Bank Freedom
Unlocking Secrets Your Banker Doesn't Want You To Know
Congressman Louis T. McFadden
An Astounding Exposure
Bernard Lietaer
Beyond Greed & Scarcity
National Debt Clock
Nick Sandberg
Blueprint for a Prison Planet
Don Bethune
The New Zealand Student Loan Scam
Walter Plinge
Free Trade and Fiat Money Fun
Innovation From Japan
The Japanese magazine "kohkoku"
Compiled by William Ryan
Social Credit Resources
New Economic Foundation
Current News From The New Economy
Inspiring Action To Close The Economic Divide
United For a Fair Economy
Paul Bond
The Money Game - The Greatest Scam Ever
Buckminster Fuller
A Brief History of Money
New Economics Foundation
Welcome To The New Economy
Congressman Jack Metcalf
Talks About The Federal Reserve and The Solution
Maurice Allias
A Favourite Quote re: Banking
Yasuyuki Hirota
Michael Ende's View on Economy
Sylvio Gesell
The Free Money Theory of Interest
Sylvio Gesell
The Natural Economic Order
Walter J. Burien, Jr.
The Biggest Theft In This World's History
John Kutyn
The Nature of Money
Interview With Alex Christopher
Are We Subject To The British Commonwealth?
Michel Trottier
Jean Chretien - Traitor?
South African New Economic Foundation
Anita Sands
How The World Banks Fleeced Everyone in the 1980's
Malcolm Hamilton
Hard Working and Hard Up
Leading Bankers 1934
Extract From The Bankers' Manifest
John C. "The Engineer" Turmel
Supreme Court Usury Cases from the 1980's
Tommy-No: Usury
Debt Elimination and Alternative Consumption
Tommy-No: Usury
Shouting NOT USURY but "USURY-FREE 4 Me
Jack Peach
The Scam of the Century
Crying Times
The Cashless Society
American Monetary Institute
A Brief History of Interest (Usury)
Conference of American Muslim Social Scientists
Riba and Interest (Usury)
David Korten
The ABC's of Finance Capitalism
Medard Gabel
What The World Wants
Mark & John
The Perils of High Tech Investing
The Friesian School
Six Kinds of United States Paper Currency
Tommy Farmer
The Federal Reserve - Friend or Foe?
Reigle Book
Money Mystery
Walter J. Burien Jr.
The Biggest Theft In This World's History
Various Authors
A History of US Money
Gergory Bresiger
Money Mischief At Election Time
A Good Comparison of u.s. A. & U.S.
The Truth As I See It
Tommy-Usury: Free
The 'Usury' Elites' TV Guide
Dr. Edward Ayoub
"Every Loan Is Pregnant With Usury"
Theodore R. Thoren
Space-Age Technology Can Correct The Money System
Dr. Martin Larson
The Banks Of America
Joseph Phelps
Letter To Pastor James Kennedy re: Money
Joseph Phelps
Money And Your Life
Joseph Phelps
Money Made Simple
Hans F. Sennholz
The Fed, The Fed, The Fed
Devvy Kidd
All About Money
Lawrence Parks
What The President Should Know About Money
Various Authors
Money Manipulation
Money Facts
Mike Montagne
People For Perfect Economy
Former President John F. Kennedy
Executive Order 11110
Darren Perkins
The Critical Mathematical Flaw
Tom Greco Jr.
What is Money?
J. Walter Plinge
Fiat Trade and Fiat Money Fun
Various Authors
Global Econinc News
Jay Fenello
Transition Services For 21st Century Economics
Suzanne Phillips
The Private Banking System
Collected Information
The Great Depression
John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel
War, No Peace, Without UNILETS
Jason Jeffrey
The Evil of Usury
Tommy-Usury: Free
Usury-Free Economics - A Win-Win Social Institution
Various Authors
Money Manipulation
Re: President John F. Kennedy
Executive Order 11110, The Federal Reserve + More
John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel
UNILETS Accounting Explained
Marc Desaules, Anita Grandjean & Christopher Houghton Budd:  Associative-Economics
Tony Farmer
The Federal Reserve - Friend Or Foe?
Revilo P. Oliver
Killing Kennedy
Buckminster Fuller
Cosmic Costing
Lowell Manning
The Universal Income In The New Zealand Economy
National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act Nesara Clif Droke
The Credit Collapse, Martial Law and You
Tommy-Usury: Free
The 'UsuryFree' Time Currency Cyberclassroom
Tommy-Usury: Free
The UsuryFree Network's Virtual Home
Various Authors
Money Manipulation
Advocates of the Redemption Process
Commerce Game Exposed
Various Authors
The Ultimate Scam
Tupper Saussey
The Anuu Twenty
Eustace Mullins
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Annelena Lobb
Goodbye To The Greenback
Salvation Island
Money Myth Exploded

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