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From: Dick Eastman <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 9:41 AM
Subject: Death-plane terror: - Only China-Establishment druglords, the global finance pirates, could be this ruthless

Here's what I know for sure.

The axis of triad China-princeling druglords and the big anglo-american investment banks identified with globalization are out to conquer the wolrd and have almost done so  --  global opium-den whorehouse slum here we come.

Axis subsidiary druglords in Northern Afganistan (ludicrously termed "anti-terrorist forces" and "the Northern Alliance" in Northern Afganistan produce an eight-hundred-billion dollar crop of opium, which funnelled through the narrow Vakhan corridor of Afganistan to China between Pakistan and Kazakhstan -- both of these countries themselves being destroyed by the flood of opium derivatives ("Chinese heroin" etc.)

The Chinese then distribute the drugs throughout the world through the People's Liberation Army (which from its first days under Mao was an opium -inanced organization that also used opium as a weapon against its enemies (the Nationalist government of China, the Japanese, the American people.)  Zhou Enlai, the mastermind behind Mao, devised his "Sun Tzu strategy"  of narco-funded narco-sabotage in conjuction with "indirect" warfare for "national liberation."  In the West the Trotskyite's, controlling information choke points (universities, mass media, as well as the governance  --  filling the staffs and cabinet postiions of the New Deal, Great Society, Clinton Prosperity, and yes the Bush and (incapicitated) Reagan years --  and sharing managerial and oversight power with investment banking's "stable" of stooges and mouthpieces, the Council on Foreign Relations,  the Trilateral Commission etc.  (Note: I have no clue what Richard Nixon knew or did not know  -- but I do know why Jimmy Carter stopped smiling  after he won the White House for them and after they told him whom to appoint.)

The People's Liberation Army is a giant drug cartel as well as the world's largest transnational corporation  --  and it owns more than Americans today can begin to suspect  (the Chicago Board of Trade, the Panama Canal, the largest port in the world that is in the Carribbian, --  the favorite spot of globe-roving pirates and center of "offshore banking."  And it owned Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Take Haiti, for example: the Haitian people overthrew overthrew China-backed druglord Aristeide; the parliament began investigations into who was supporting this druglord and who his connections were --Clinton invaded with the Marines three days later,  put the druglord back in office, and stood by while the "right-wing extremists" were put to death.  Now Haiti is living hell, with a standard of living lower than Bangladesh, and voodoo is the official national religion. (And there is a lot in common between Clinton in Haiti and GWB in Afganistan.)

Others are able to tell you about Iran -Contral, I was still a libertarian-Reagan man when it was going on -- blinded by my love and gratitude to the Gipper. (See Chomsky or Mike Rivero, or Dan Hoppsicker for these facts, and on Mena, Arkansas CIA drug-trafficking as well.)

The drug money is laundered by the American and City of London bankers, much of it through Kazakhstan where money can enter freely without record and with taxation.And as the drug money finds its way into globalization investments we see the national economies of the world drained and bankrupted and taken over by this biggest of all crime syndicates.  The money buys new slave-labor factories in CHina that put all of American small businesses, one the backbone of our free culture, out of business.  The surplus is thrown on the streets, to push drugs, to prostitute, to end up in jails.

Now get this:  THe Taliban were destroying the opium crops and killing the opium traders.  The Taliban are moral Islamic people  --  they have reacted to Western prostitution and mental destruction of its women by reacting with reversion to the
old nomadic ways of Islam  -- because that is the only alternative they know toescape to.  Yet don't think for one minute that the late leader of the  Northern druglord alliance, Ahmad Shah Masoud was fighting Taliban because he shared with American feminists an abhorence of veils (American feminism is a Trotskyite scam, and had nothing to do with the real social elevation of women in our society -- Gloria Steinham, Betty Friedan etc. merely placed themselves at the head of an evolutionary cultural  trend that was taking place on its own and exploited it to further  their subversive Trotskyite agenda. (Trotskyites have gotten control of the environmentalist movement too, infiltrating the top postions and pulling the greens off course to support the banker's agenda.)

By the way, no one has hurt Jewish people more than the investment Bankers. They supported Hitler for two reasons  --  to take over the left-populist movements against "interest slavery" and the architects of World War One and the German
hyperinflation middle-class rip-off, and they wanted Hitler to terrorize the professional Jews (fully assimilated and successful in German culture (Einstein, for example) in order to get them to leave Germany and go to Palestine to give the new Jewish
homeland, envisioned by Rothschild's Zionsim, the brains and culture it  needed to become a great nation. Hitler turned on Max Warburg when he invaded Stalin, but after the war, in 1945, the Jews in the concentration camps were not allowed to go back to their homes -- "for their own safety," they were told.

Nothing could be further fromthe truth than to equate investment banking with "the Jews."  I had a rich uncle once, I see what it can do to other familily memebers -- I understand how too large concentrations of wealth can warp us all.  (Hear me you white supremicists --  you are going after the wrong party -- just as stupidly as we are going after the Taliban when we should be supporting and thanking them!)

But let us not bury ourselves in details.

The triad Princelings and the Anglo-American (Trotskyite) investment banking interests use the two-trillion-dollars of drug money to finance globalization  -- the conquest of the world, "global governance," what we know and amply see as debt slavery in the global plantation, without culture, without capital, without power and without hope.

Can the truth  stop  two-trillion-dollars worth of momentum; can it arrest
the plans of the monopolists of the earth?

The answer depends on how information flows -- it depends on what you do with information like this among people you can reach.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

P.S.  The behavioral technology to get men to suicide-bomb was developed behind the iron curtain in the land of Ivan Pavlov.  When the Soviet Union fell Kazakhstan had a thousand nuclear missiles which it later sold to our buy-back program: but they  also had the behavior-control technology and they still do.

I don't know if our popular President is fully aware of what is going on or not-- but people running his administration are aware of the interests they serve. --  Ronald Reagan was deliberately incapacitated so that the 500 billion dollar S & L - junkbond  superscam theft could be carried off unimpeded by the charismatic good-guy who understood supply and demand but not big finance.

So pray for George W. Bush, our President,  either way. And try to reach him with the facts and all that is at stake.