William Cooper Quotes:

"The object is to destroy all existing religions...the object is to cow you into never resisting the authority of the New World Order. The Randy weaver incident was a "shock test" which told THEM that it was okay to go ahead. And now they are set to massacre the people who worship in the church called Branch Davidian ... I knew something was wrong from the beginning... for the first word that we got, on the news, after it had already started and there were agents dead, we were told that this cult was going to commit mass suicide." William Cooper BEFORE Waco massacre:

"When the Unabomber was arrested I informed you that Kaczynski was the victim of a mind-control operation. And of course, as usual, nobody believed that such a thing could be possible... not in America. Unfortunately the America that the Sheople envision ceased to exist a long time ago. Alexander Cockburn confirmed my research when he revealed Tuesday, July6, in a Los Angeles Times copyrighted column, that Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski, the Unabomber, was a volunteer in Harvard conducted mind-control experiments sponsored by the CIA in the 1950's and 60's." William Cooper Hour Of The Time (HOTT) Radio Broadcast

"It is no accident that these killings were carried out just before Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, and several other States were scheduled to vote on Concealed Carry laws, and just two weeks before the NRA Convention was to take place in Denver. It is the traditional time of human sacrifice demanded by the ancient, New Age, and New World Order pagan gods Baal, Ishtar and Moloch. Your children are being programmed by mind control operations which utilize music, movies, television and computer games. Wake up...the agenda is gun control. " - William Cooper  re: The Columbine Massacre speaking about Violence and Mass Mind Control