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Date: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 1:48 PM
Subject: Calgary Transit and HOURS


Thanks for your interest in BCBC's work.  Here is some background information on the program with Calgary Transit. It was intiated by an alderman who suppports our work.

I hope this is useful. What is happening with Local Currency in Ottawa?


Sarah Kerr
Bow Chinook Barter Community (BCBC)

Calgary Transit Tickets Available for Local Currency

(Promotional article that appeared in the July 2000 Bow Chinook Barter Bulletin)

You will soon be able to buy Calgary Transit tickets using Calgary's very own local currency! Thanks to an exciting new partnership between The Bow Chinook Barter Community, The City of Calgary and The Brenda Strafford Centre, access to City Transit has become the next valuable local service available for Bow Chinook HOURs. In a one-year pilot project, Calgary Transit and Community Strategies, through the Participation and Integration into the Community Program, have allocated 500 transit tickets to BCBC. These tickets will be sold for 100% Bow Chinook HOURs at Barter Community Potlucks over the next 12 months. The revenue (in HOURs) from these ticket sales will be used to help residents of the Brenda Strafford Centre to access BCBC's services.

This partnership project is another example of how Bow Chinook HOURs, our local currency, can be used to build community and to help people use their skills and talents to meet their needs. If the Calgary Transit pilot project is successful in its first year, we will look at expanding it into an ongoing program that will enhance and increase the variety of goods and services available for local currency. We are also having discussions with the Community Vitality and Protection department of the City of Calgary about the possibility of using Barter HOURs to pay a portion of the entrance fee for recreation centres and city pools. Both these developments are in response to feedback from BCBC members that we need to continue to make basic needs available for HOURs.

The Brenda Strafford Centre provides supportive housing for women and their children who are leaving abusive situations, and we are excited about working with this group and about the skills and talents that these members will bring to the Barter Community. The HOURs generated by the sales of Transit tickets will be used to establish a childcare co-op within the Centre, and the project will help residents share childcare responsibilities as well as introducing them to the other resources available through the Barter Community.

The first Calgary Transit tickets will be available for sale at the July Barter Potluck, which will be held at 7:00 PM on July 12th at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association. Given the restriction on the number of tickets available during this pilot project, there will be a limit on the number of tickets each member will initially be able to purchase. We ask for your patience while we develop this system.

Calgary Dollars (formerly the Bow Chinook Barter Community) released $38,000 worth of their new community currency at a Potluck and Trade Fair at the Ramsay Community Association. Alderman Joe Ceci, a long time member and supporter of the project, (as well as an avid vermi-composter) launched the currency with the first transaction: the sale of a bucket of worms. More details at this URL: www.calgarydollars.ca