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Book Links 101 informs you about various books (as well as audios and videos). You will be invited to browse websites which list these resources with full ordering details - many of which are not available from regular book stores.The Cyberclass Network seeks to inform readers about resources that you will not likely be promoted by the mainstream media. Anyone is invited to order any book, audio or video - no censoring committee needed as people are quite capable of making up their own minds -  if what they learn is for them they will know. When you order be sure to mention that you learned about the resources from Book Links 101 at The Cyberclass Network.

Author Book(s) & Ordering Information
Alan B. Jones How The World Really Works
Alan B. Jones Let's Fix America
Lloyd Pye Everything You Know Is Wrong
Dr. J.S. & Mrs. Chiappalone The Annwn Collection  (18 Books)
Various Authors Lightworks Collection of Books,  
Videos & Audios On Many Topics
Various Authors Natural Life Bookstore
Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips The Trance-Formation of America
Jean Duffy & Linda Ives Obstruction Of Justice - The Train  
Deaths Video
Russel Welch & Billy Bob Bottoms The Secret Heartbeat of America (Video & Book)
Joseph P. Macchio The Christian Conspiracy
Thomas H. Greco Jr. New Money for Healthy Communities
Dan Brown Angels & Demons
Various Authors Numerous Alternative Health Books
Various Authors Healing Books
The Good Steward Conspiracy of Debt
Health Books Consumer Health Organization of Canada
Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope
Eustace Mullins The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Michael S. Heiser The Facade
Edward Griffin The Creature From Jekyll Island
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt The Dumbing Down of America
Richard J. Maybury The "Uncle Eric" Series of Books
Des Griffin The Fourth Reich of the Rich
Michele Marie Moore Oaklahoma City - Day One
David C. Korten When Corporations Rule The World
Editors of the Executive Intelligence Review Dope Inc.
Henry Ford Sr. The International Jew
Jim Townsend Are We The Free Nation We Believe We Are?
Brian Downing Quig Those Who Dismantled Our Constitution
Anthony Sutton America's Secret Establishment
Alfred Lambremont Webre Recovery - A Personal Journey
Alfred Lambremont Webre Earth Changes - A Spiritual Approach
Alfred Lambremont Webre Exopolitics - A Decade of Contact
Linda (L.J.) Wall Watching Big Brother
Barry Carter Infinite Wealth
Webster Griffin Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin George Bush - Unauthorized Biography
By Medical Doctors Bioterrorism Books

The book- Everything You Know Is Wrong - by Lloyd Pye is a 6" by 9" quality trade paperback with 90 line-drawing illustrations to facilitate comprehension. It has 311 pages of text and costs $20.00 + $4.00 shipping/handling.

Have You Ever Wondered...?

. . . why we humans use only 10% of our massively supercharged brains? 
. . . why idiot-savants can somehow access parts of the remaining 90% 
. . . why we humans have a gene pool with over 4000 genetic defects? 
. . . why our closest genetic relatives, chimps and gorillas, have none? 
. . . why we humans have genes that are only 200,000 to 250,000 years old? 
. . . why anthropologists insist we descend from creatures 4,000,000 years old? 
. . . why we humans in no way resemble those ancient so-called “prehumans”? 
. . . why we humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a grand total of 46? 
. . . why our closest genetic relatives (sharing 98% - 99% of our DNA) total 48? 
. . . how we humans could lose 2 whole chromosomes in only 250,000 years? 
. . . why our skin is so poorly adapted to the amount of sunlight striking Earth? 
. . . why we are so physically weak compared to our closest genetic relatives? 
. . . why Earth is minus a huge part of its crust, the part where the oceans are? 
. . . why Earth is the only planet or moon with moveable tectonic plates? 
. . . why Earth’s moon is so extraordinarily outsized relative to other moons? 
. . . why megalithic structures like the Pyramids cannot be duplicated today? 
. . . why many stones in those structures would buckle today’s largest cranes? 
. . . how the ancient Sumerians knew all about Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto? 
. . . why we found Uranus only in 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930? 
. . . how and why the Sumerians kept cosmic time in units of 25,000 years? 
. . . if these questions will ever end? 

Lloyd Pye addresses these questions in the book- Everything You Know Is Wrong -  which is divided into four parts.

Part I is all about Darwinism. Many examples are given to illustrate that Darwinism does not, as advertised, explain either how life first came to be on Earth, or how it has subsequently developed into the millions of plant and animal species that have existed since then. It also shows why and how the pressures exerted by Creationists force Darwinists to support a theory with no verifiable basis in the fossil record.

Part II deals with the so-called “prehuman” fossil record. Here, too, many examples are given to illustrate that not a single bone found prior to the Cro-Magnons actually resembles a human bone. This accounts for the so-called “missing link,” which is missing now, has always been missing, and will always remain missing because no such link exists between the so-called prehumans and actual humans. So the question arises: Who do those allegedly prehuman bones belong to?

Part III answers that unequivocally: hominoids. Hominoids are the creatures like Bigfoot/Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman/Yeti, and two other types we in the West know virtually nothing about but which are quite well known in the areas where they live in other parts of the world (Almas in the mountains of southern Russia and elsewhere; and Agogwes in the jungles of central Africa, the Amazon, and Indonesia). In addition to where they live, how they look and live is fully discussed.

At the end of Part III, readers should be convinced that: (1) all four hominoid types do indeed exist; (2) it is their bones that comprise the “pre-human” fossil record, not ours; and (3) we humans are in fact relative newcomers to planet Earth. For however bizarre and off-the-wall that might sound to anyone only aware of its tabloid representation, please understand that there is an overwhelming amount of hard, fact-based evidence to back it up, evidence recounted in the book in great detail.

Part IV is dominated by similarly hard, fact-based evidence handed down to us from the Sumerians, Earth’s very first high culture, from 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, preceding the Egyptians by nearly 1,000 years. The Sumerians are the greatest single puzzle of antiquity, having walked straight from the Stone Age into a full-blown culture with over 100 of the “firsts” that we currently attribute to an advanced society. They were, in fact the highest of the ancient high cultures.

Ordering Information

Everything You Know Is Wrong (Book One: Human Evolution) by Lloyd Pye

This remarkable book can be purchased from Adamu Press in any of the following ways- just mention the you learned about the book at The Cyberclass Network.

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