You will learn about the 'usury-free' LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software and how it facilitates trading and bartering with a 'usury-free' community currency by active members within their respective LETS communities in locations all around the world.  We refer to this industry as the BSBT (Buy, Sell, Barter or Trade) industry. In 2002 the most exciting development is the decentralization of the banking industry with the evolution of 'usury-free' time currencies as the universal token of exchange. The latest information is posted at The UsuryFree Cyberclassroom:

An Interest-Free Barter Unit "Excel" networking with LETS
A Common Sense Solution Beyond Greed & Scarcity
Better Than Barter Spiritual Economics
Marshall McLuhan LETS Proposal in 1997
Paul Pilzer LETS & SDI
Peace & Plenty By 2020 Furthering LETS Development
LETSAssist Software Ottawa LETS
The GFS Gifting Program Question: Re: "cw" and "Letsystem"
LETS Deahm Speech "Community Currencies"
LETS Facilitates Trading The Nousury Chapter
JCT's "Time Travels" The Ape Story
LETS Petition for City of Ottawa GIFT & SIFT
Toronto Dollars Ithaca Hours
InternetCurrency/VirtualCommunity Calgary Transit & Hours
Community Currencies Compared Graph of Community Currency
Treaty of Noordwijk JCT &The Treaty of Noordwijk
Usury-Freed Trumps Usury-Greed Improving Local Currencies
Cover Letter For Ottawa Proposal City of Ottawa Proposal 2001
Credit Unions/Local Currency LETS Progress In Australia
Comprehensive List of LETS Links Community Currency Research
Snapshot of Community Currency ESRC LETS Project

 UNILETS is a hit at U.N. Student Conference 2000

Better Social Services Without Taxes

A Money System Without Taxes The Nature Of Money
Electronz The JAK Bank
  Barter - Relevance and Relation Money   Links re: Electronic Money
Community Currency & Credit Unions Pictures of Worldwide Community Currency
Not Money Let's Talk
Friendly Favors Global LETS Websites
TimeDollar Information The Big Lie of Economics
LETS - A Tool For Community Renewal Nousury Events in Latin America
John C. Turmel's Interview With Professor John Hotson A PHD in Community Currencies?
The OpenMoney Project The Memory Bank
Project LETS List The Money Game
Usury-Free Municipal Financing ?? A Resolution for Municipalities
Argentina's RGT -  The Biggest Barter Club Network in the Whole World The Iroquois Confederacy Used "usury-free" wampum ...
LETS Opensource Software Project Tommy-No:Usury's FTAA Report
Lets In The Deveopling World Argentines Revert To Barter
LETS - The Economic System of Giving The LETS Webring
Pictorial History of Community Currency Money A Medium of Exchange
Argentina's New Bond-Currency !! Moneyless Exchange in Latin America
Cash-Starved Argentine Provinces Turning Out Their Own Money Timely Support For Community-based shopping from the franchise industry ...
Community Currencies   Michael Linton/Ernie Yacub - Open Money
Salt Spring Island Dollars  Cash-strapped Argentines return to bartering system ...
 Hour Money James Taris' LETS Research
Mint Your Own Money ... Time Energy Accounting (TEA) Basics
JEU - Jardin d'Échange Universel  Time Is The Engine Of 'Usury Free' Progress
Bosnia Seeks Info re: 'Usury-Free' Tokens Government Can Abolish 'Usury'
Japanese Town Issues 'Usuryfree' Currency On Smart Cards JCT Explains UNILETS Accounting
In 1998 Over 50 Towns Have Their Own Currency The UsuryFree Time Currency Cyberclassroom
Norfed Director Says There Are 60 Communities Using Local Currency in USA LETS Promotes Sustainable Economy
Book Review of Thomas Greco's Book Commodity Money !
Baltimore Hours   "UsuryFree" Community Currencies
Trocking For Time  LETS - Italian Banco di Tiempo
Economics of the Future  Jeu Jardin d'Echange Universel
UNILETS Just Trade
A Better Money System More to come ...


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