Why We Should Seek To Avoid Using The Usury Elites' Banking System AND Use Our Own 'UsuryFree' Time Currency System
By Tommy-Usury: Free

The Cyberclass Network www.cyberclass.net in co-operation with The UsuryFree Network www.cyberclass.net/resolution.htm urges readers to read the following message and take action NOW ...

The story of Enron and Bank duplicity (see below) matches exactly what
Edward Griffin describes in his book 'The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve'  More information about his book is posted at these URLs: www.financialsense.com/Experts/Griffin.htm and http://www.wealth4freedom.com/creature.htm and
Participating 'usury' banks in the international banking cartel artificially make a company such as Enron look profitable, aquire ownership, sell out at the top, and then let the public take the fall. Enron is one of many 21st Century corporations pumped up by big 'usury' banks. Let's stop supporting the Usury Elites' Group of Companies. More details at: www.cyberclass.net/shopathome.htm
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.; Citigroup Inc.; Credit Suisse First Boston USA Inc.; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC); Bank of America Corp.; Merrill Lynch & Co.; Barclays Bank PLC; Deutsche Bank AG and Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. are all big banks, and they financed a brand new entity that "bought" otherwise unsellable Enron assets, to pump up Enron's bottom line. 

Amazing ..... it's time that we all take the time to understand this bizarre game of 'usury' economics and how we are being conned by the Usury Elites. Then, look at the alternative of using your own 'usuryfree' time currency of hours and minutes for FREE instead of relying on their 'usury-bearing' orthodox currency of dollars and cents and agreeing to pay them a FEE - correctly called 'usury.' Visit the 'UsuryFree' Time Currency Cyberclassroom at this URL: www.cyberclass.net/ufoh.htm. Also spend some time at the Barter/LETS Cyberclassroom: www.cyberclass.net/bartable.htm and the SDI (Self Directed Income) Cyberclassroom:  www.cyberclass.net/sditable.htm so that you will have an opportunity to learn 'what you didn't know you didn't know.'
Additionally, I refer readers to an article on page A24 of The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, April 9th, 2002 entitled: 'Argentines Improvise Social Safety Net' wherein Pamela Druckerman writes: 'Cemento, one of the many barter markets have popped up in Buenos Aires as the economy worsened, has recruited some 50 medical professionals - including dentists, orthodontists, gynecologists and psychiatrists - to accept barter-club 'credits' in lieu of payment. Club members accumulate the credits by swapping things like clothing or housefhold goods, says organizer Carlos del Mazo, himself a lawyer who supplements his income by teaching tango dancing.'
(These barter-club 'credits' ought to be correctly referred to as a 'usuryfree' community currency. Likewise, understand that these so-called barter 'credits' at indeed accepted as payment because the Club members know they are backed with the integrity and honesty of the person(s) offering the skills, talents, products and/or services.)
In the same article Pamela Druckerman verifies that joblessness or unemployment is near 25%. Let's get our 'usuryfree' time currency database expanded and launched so that it can serve us locally, nationally and/or globally NOW !! Why should we wait until unemployment approaches 25% before we launch our economic lifeboats?
To start the process of building the 'usuryfree' time currency database go to The UsuryFree Network at this URL: www.communityzero.com/usuryfree Register yourself with communityzero.com and then enter The UsuryFree Network. Click on 'Shared Lists' at the left side of the front page. Read the explanation of how the 'usuryfree' time currency functions. The click on the blue words 'Click here' at the upper left corner. Click on one or more of the 'time traders' already listed to see how they have completed their contact details with their 'offers' and 'wants' and any comments. Then click on 'Add List Item' at the bottom left corner. A template permits you you to enter your information.
The only step left is for this 'usuryfree' time currency database to be linked with a search engine so that we can find each other and engage in trading locally, nationally and/or internationally. Our only commitment is to be open to engaging in trades whereby we cover our wholesale costs with cash and accept a portion of our profit margins with 'usuryfree' time currency.
Until we have our 'usuryfree' time currency database set up for online trading we are using UFOH 'UsuryFree Online Hour' paper notes to trade within circles locally. It is essential to understand that money is simply a 'promise to pay' or an IOU or in this case a 'time token' backed by your honesty and integrity to deliver your skills, talents, products and/or services to  others in the database. View the front and back of these notes by clicking these URLs: www.cyberclass.net/ufohfront.jpg and www.cyberclass.net/ufohback.jpg Those who would like a master copy of these UFOH's for photocopying for peronal use during this interim period are invited to forward your request with a 'gift' or 'donation' of $13.00 to: The Cyberclass Network. P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3V1
Readers are invited to visit this URL: www.look.com/lets/index.asp where there is mention of UNILETS. Since there are numerous communities all over the world using the 'usuryfree' LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software it is timely indeed that we consider inviting each local LETSystem to join our new 'usuryfree' time currency database. It is obvious that 'usuryfree' time currency is fast evolving to become the universal currency of choice for the 21st Century since it is designed to optimally serve us locally, nationally and internationally. In the meantime, let's increase our database quickly. Add you name and invite those in your circle of influence to do likewise and encourage then to duplicate your efforts so that we can expand the network very fast.
Visitors at www.look.com/lets/index.asp can already search for LETSystems from all over the world. Perhaps www.look.com will be ready and willing to launch our 'usuryfree' time currency database and help us to facilitate local, national and international trades in the not-too-distant-future?
As we find more and more people who are willing to accept 'usuryfree' time currency we will be able to accept more and more time currency and thereby become less and less reliant on the orthodox 'usury-bearing' federal money. By using less and less of the 'Usury' Elites' money we will be able to withdraw our support and NOT fund their 'War Machine' which is deviously designed to usher in their New World Order of economic slavery.

Readers are invited to continue their background research at these  Economics Cyberclassrooms: www.cyberclass.net/economics.htm and www.cyberclass.net/ecolinks.htm and  www.cyberclass.net/airtable.htm 
Edward Griffin's book as mentioned above is a great resource to help readers understand how we are all being enslaved by the design flaw of 'usury.' Additionally, there are numerous other worthwhile resources available at The Cyberclass Network www.cyberclass.net and elsewhere. Let's encourage the mainstream media and our formal institutions of higher learning to network the 'universal truth' about how a 'usuryfree' time currency can save us from economic enslavement by those who seek to usher in Their New World Order.

Banks Named Defendants in Enron Suit
Mon Apr 8, 9:15 AM ET

By KRISTEN HAYS, Associated Press Writer

HOUSTON - Nine investment banks financed lucrative schemes that helped Enron Corp. maintain its pre-collapse image as a profit powerhouse, according to attorneys who added the banks to a shareholder lawsuit Monday.



Video Ranking House Finance Democrat on Enron: If Wall St. Banks Did Wrong, They Should be Punished - (Yahoo! Finance Vision)

William Lerach, the lead attorney in the case, said the banks' knowledge of the questionable partnerships and other transactions gave them an inside view of Enron's financial condition as they sold securities to investors.


The 485-page amended complaint was filed Monday morning in the Houston federal court handling the case, the University of California, the lead plaintiff, said.

"Every bank bears significant complicity for their involvement," Lerach said.

The banks named in the suit are J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.; Citigroup Inc.; Credit Suisse First Boston USA Inc.; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC); Bank of America Corp.; Merrill Lynch & Co.; Barclays Bank PLC; Deutsche Bank AG and Lehman Brothers Holding Inc.

The partnerships and transactions, backed by Enron stock and in part developed and funded by the banks, allegedly hid debt and inflated profits. Their ability to go unnoticed depended on a high stock price, since drops in shares triggered debt payments that would require Enron to issue more shares and reduce shareholder equity.

Enron shares started slipping from a high of $90 in August 2000, later invoking those triggers. It fell to less than a dollar by the time Enron descended into bankruptcy Dec. 2.

The suit also alleges that Kenneth Lay, Enron's former chairman and chief executive, sold $180 million in company stock in the three years leading to Enron's collapse, not the $101 million noted in public filings.

The $25 billion lawsuit originally was filed in December on behalf of large investors, which lost millions of dollars when Enron collapsed.

Original defendants included current and former Enron officials who sold more than $1 billion in stock from October 1998 through November last year and Arthur Andersen LLP, Enron's former auditor.

Lerach said subsequent investigation pointed to liability on the part of banks that were Enron's lenders and underwriters before alleged accounting abuses exposed last year fueled the company's implosion.

Citigroup spokesman Dan Noonan and Credit Suisse spokesman Pen Pendleton declined comment Sunday night. Other banks didn't return calls for comment.

New defendants also include two law firms that advised Enron on the partnerships and financial deals, Vinson & Elkins in Houston and Kirkland and Ellis in Chicago, and Andersen Worldwide.

Vinson & Elkins declined comment on the lawsuit. But the firm said in a statement that it remains confident that when the facts are known, "it will be clear that Vinson & Elkins properly performed its professional responsibilities."

Settlement talks with Andersen are continuing, but the firm's ability to pay has been questioned. Andersen has lost at least 132 public clients this year, most after the firm was indicted last month for shredding documents and deleting computer files related to Enron audits.

"Given what looks like the precarious position and financial condition of Andersen, it's not at all surprising they would look at other deep pockets as a strategic matter," said Henry T.C. Hu, a corporate law professor at the University of Texas School of Law.

Allegations in the lawsuit include:

In December 1999, Merrill Lynch helped create LJM2, one of the partnerships credited with helping fuel Enron's downfall. Enron needed an entity to buy company assets to pump up year-end profits, so Merrill Lynch, CIBC, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers invested about $14 million while J.P. Morgan offered a $65 million loan.

Run by Andrew Fastow, Enron's former chief financial officer, LJM2 used the money to buy four Enron assets that the company hadn't otherwise been able to sell. LJM2 sold those assets back to Enron in 2000.

Enron invited partnerships or entities connected to J.P. Morgan, CIBC, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch to invest $150 million in LJM2 with a promise of a return of 30 percent or more with Fastow doing deals on one side of the table and Enron on the other.

In December 2000, J.P. Morgan-controlled Mahonia Ltd. in the Channel Islands near England bought gas and oil contracts from Enron and later sold them back to the company, which counted the deals as revenue.

From late 1999 through early 2001, Citigroup used a Cayman Islands subsidiary called Delta to swap future returns on investments with Enron. The lawsuit said the $2.4 billion deals were loans because Enron received money up front and was obliged to repay it over five years, yet Enron posted the loans on its books as "assets from price risk management."

Credit Suisse in 2000 gave Enron $150 million using trades in derivatives. Enron could repay the money over two years, and payments would vary with the price of oil. Enron posted the money as "assets from price risk management," while Credit Suisse counted it as a loan.

In December 2000 CIBC formed a partnership with Enron, "Project Braveheart," in which CIBC invested $115 million in return for a 93 percent return on Enron's profits from a video-on-demand deal with Blockbuster Inc. Enron posted $110 million in profits from the deal. But the lawsuit said Enron guaranteed CIBC's investment, and the video-on-demand deal was scuttled in March 2001.

More from > Business - AP
Next Story:   Andersen to Lay Off 7,000 Workers
Tue Apr 9, 3:15 AM ET - (AP)

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