Argentina's RGT - The World's Largest "Usury-Free" Barter and Trading Network

Argentina's RGT(Red Global de Trueque), is the biggest barter club network in the whole world with well over one million participants throughout Argentina. And the number of participants is growing rapidly as each day dawns in 2002.

Let's not wait for 20%+ unemployment and a 'shortage of federal currency' before we are motivated to action. Let's do it NOW!!

*Prosumer: This peculiar term is popular inside RGT. This is a term coined by Alvin Toffler, author of "The Third Wave," which means those who produce (of producer) and consume (of consumer) at the same time. Members are thought to be "prosumers" in RGT, meaning that these people can not only consume but also produce goods and services for the community.

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