Saturday, April 8th, 2000

The Next TCN "Circle" Gathering is scheduled for December 9th, 2000

Greetings TCN readers and/or otherwise:

I wish to thank all of the people who attended the third TCN (The Cyberclass Network) "Community Exchange & Networking Event" at the Howard Johnson's Hotel in Ottawa on Saturday, April 8th, 2000. The first TCN event was hed on February 26th and 30 people attended. The second TCN event was held on March 11th, 2000 and 23 people attended. On Saturday, April 8th, 2000 - a day to remember weatherwise and otherwise - many people braved challenging weather conditions to drive long distances from east, west, north and south. I wish to recognize everybody as a collective and dynamic group who made the effort to come together in fearlessnes and harmlessness to share a common vision to create a new Canada. The evolution of these "Community Exchange and Networking Events" which have evolved into "circles" is truly a sign of "Spirit-at-Work."

Approximately 100 people were welcomed at the door on Saturday. Some people came for the morning session, others came for the afternoon session but most people stayed for the entire day. Many others communicated their regrets by telephone or email. In any case, the day unfolded with definite direction from a Higher Power. The "serependipity" factor was evident again as it has been at all TCN events. Significant persons with specific skills and talents from the "Detax/Untax/Refusetax" movements who are serving others in fearlessness and with love are showing up at these "circles" and the networks are working with guidance from earthly angels.

I wish to give special recognition to those who travelled the greatest distances to be there. Alex Muljiani (Vancouver, BC), Eldon Warman (Calgary, AB), John Turmel (Atlantic City. NJ), Wally Dove, Dale Dove (Moreland, ON), Brad Medd (Cameron, ON), Bill King, Daniel Lavigne (Richmond Hill, ON),  Fred Waring (London, ON), Loretta Aps, Susan Bulger (Toronto, ON), Patrick Laflamme (Longueil, PQ), Randy Burke, Scott Beinhardt, Marcel Harvey (Elliott Lake, ON), Don LaVallee (Sudbury, ON), Michael Dunn (Killaloe, ON), Virginia Burshaw (Belleville, ON), Andrew Miracle (Deseronto, ON), Darwin Marquardt (Eganville, ON), Malcolm Stophani-Thompson (Elgin, ON).

I apologize if I missed listing anyone's name who travelled more than three hours to be present. Since not everyone signed their name and contact details at the entry table I am not certain of whom I may have missed. Others did sign their name but did not disclose their address. Please inform me if I missed you and you were deserving of special recognition. Everyone who attended on Saturday, April 8th is already a leader or becoming leader in the work to be done in the time ahead.

There was ample time for meeting other people, for networking and sharing general ideas and information from 9:00 AM  'till 11:00 AM at which time we assembled in a circle (two/three rows deep). Michael Swinwood commenced with a spiritual prayer. Then he and Brad Medd reviewed details from former gatherings and continued the discussion re: the possibility of a class action suit against Revenue Canada Taxation. No final decison was made re: the class action law suit, however, there seemed to be consensus that it along with other strategies ought to be pursued. During this dicussion, we learned of Dan Lavigne's "class proceedings action." There was definite consensus that all of us stay closely connected and that we make an effort to support any individual who is currently benig harassed by Revenue Canada Taxation.

Dan Lavigne joined in the discussion revealing that he has already started a "class proceedings action" in Ontario re:"Taxrefusal" issues. Dan talked about the "Tax Exempt Status" card which is being used by 8600 Canadians who are wilfully withdrawing their money from the federal and provincial governments which are participating in plans and preparations that are predicated on a will and capacity to mass murder fellow "human beings." Given the fact that there were 100 persons present on Saturday Dan indicated that potentialy there would be a minimum of 8700 Canadians with the "Tax Exempt Status" card by the end of this week. Presently, the Taxrefusal Package which includes the card, supporting court documents and a copy of Dan Lavigne's book "Mankind - Mancruel" costs $175. (Canadian Funds). Details at this URL:

Some common working people who attended the meeting on Saturday have told me that they do not have $175 left after they pay regular their living expenses and their monthly usury and taxes. I suggest that many working class Canadians/Americans are in a similar predicament. TCN will  search for a way to grant these people "usury-free" loans so that any person who really wants to purchase and use the Taxrefusal Package will be able to do so. Once they have the card they will easily be able to repay the loan with the money that they usually spend on taxes. If any readers know of any persons with financial resources who are willing to grant "usury-free" loans for this unique purchase please contact TCN.

Dan, who is a mathematiician encouraged each of us to continue reaching out to explain the benefits of the card to one person each day. The mathematical progression of such simple activity is staggering. The TCN group who gathered on Saturday has the potential to cause multiple millions of dollars to be withdrawn from the corrupt system in a very short time. Dan says we do NOT have very much time to turn the ship around. We took a lunch break at 1:15 PM.

When we reconvened the circle at 2:15 PM, John C. Turmel made a presentation on his 20 year adventure which always had and still has the ultimate goal to implement the LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software on a global level so that every person living on planet earth can experience the reality of prosperity and abundance. The LETS software which just happens to have the capacity to create and manage "usury-free" banking will be the key to creating a new economic system as the current, corrupt, "usury-based" economic system implodes on itself.

In discussions after Saturday's "circle" some people indicated to me that the real substance of John' message was lost in his "entertaining" presentation. I am interested in what others who were present have to say about John's presentation. Let me review the importance of John's message to make sure that everyone is fully aware of its significance. John is encouraging everyone to run their personal "timebank" on the Internet. His vision is one that sees multiple millions of us creating our own one-person Internet LETS bank accounts with which to trade. By participating with the LETS "timebank" opportunity we will automatically withdraw more money from the "usury-based" system of economics as we function more and more in our new "usury-free" system of economics which we can indeed create at the grassroots level.

John explains that all we have to do is promote the URL for our personal LETS "timebank's" which can be posted at our own websites where we all  can display our new "timecurrency" checking account. Then as we simply hook up our persons and/or our organizations to the network on the Internet and it becomes a happy thought to demand the World Bank upgrade to the "usury-free," LETS accounting system. If the World Bank declines our offer we just continue trading amongst ourselves on the Internet. Eventually, people will dessert the orthodox, "usury-based," economic system for the optimal, "usury-free" economic system facilitated by the LETS software.

John's message is unique in its promises of hope of turning what looks like a riot of despair over debt slavery into a festival of hope for debt freedom by the abolition of the debt growth, not yet the debt. Indeed, John's message of hope is needed to offset the reality of despair that comes with full knowledge of the upcoming "oil shortage crisis" as aptly explained by Dan Lavigne's writings and the accompanying links at the Taxrefusal website at this URL: We took another short break at 3:45 PM.

At the last session we heard from the Detax/Untax/Refusetax leaders, Eldon Warman, Alex Muljiani and Wally Dove and Dan Lavigne shared more information which was relevant to the "Tax Exempt Status" card. There seemed to be agreement that we all need to leave our egos behind and work in a unified mission for the common good because we really do NOT have much time left before this beautiful planet earth heads to self-destruction - a misfortune that has occurred with other planets.

John Worm (Oxford Mills, ON) videotaped each of the three sessions. A three video package will be prepared when sufficient orders with payment are received. The first video focuses on Michael Swinwood's opening remarks, Brad Medd's follow-up statements re: the proposed class action suit and Daniel Lavigne's initial sharing re: the "Tax Free Exempt" card.

The second video shows John C. Turmel's presentation re: a review of the history of usury banking and the development and ongoing evolution of the LETS software - the "usury-free" banking software to where it is now possible to create our own timebank accounts on the Internet and exchange "usury-free" hours for goods and/or services using internet technology. In Canada, for example the hour denomination is equivalent to $12. (Canadian Funds) for a hour or regular labour. If you traded an item worth $6.00 (Canadian Funds) it would be registered as a 30 minute tranaction. More details at this URL:

The third video presents Eldon Warman, Alex Muljiani and Wally Dove. Dan Lavigne again offers more information about the "tax exempt status card." I reviewed all three videos with the intention of editing them to make one video BUT I determined that the content of each was equally important and therefore no editing will be done. You will see and hear everything as the day unfolded in its "chaordic" motion. Order copies and re-learn the information and to share with your "circles" of contacts.

Identify these three videos by the following titles:
1. Introductory & Class Action Suit (Michael Swinwood, Brad Medd & Dan Lavigne)
2. Nousury Economics & LETS (John C. Turmel)
3. Detax/Untax/Refusetax (Eldon Warman, Alex Muljiani, Wally Dove & Dan Lavigne)

Presently, TCN is receiving emails and/or phone calls expressing how many videos you would like to order at a reasonable price to be determined by the total number of orders received. Please call 1.613.746.9702 or email [email protected] asap if you would like to order this three video pack. After TCN calculates the number of orders that come in this week I will be able to get a the best quote from a professional video copying company. Then TCN will request payment (cash or money order preferred) tho' a portion may be paid in "timebank currency" by those who open their own LETS' banks as per the directions which will be given when you subscribe at this URL:

The Internet is now capable of providing anyone with an email address. With an email address any person now has the opportunity to own and operate their own do-it-yourself, interest-free, one-person, Internet LETS timebank account. Everyone runs their very own timebank to keep track of their very own transactions

TCN is already receiving requests to schedule follow-up events. Indeed, TCN will schedule follow-up events BUT it is TCN's request to everyone who was present on Saturday to create similar "circle meetings" in your respective home communities by commencing with video nights showing each of the three vidoes. TCN recommends showing one video at a time followed by circle discussion groups. Having learned of the sacredness of the number 13, TCN recommends that when any circle exceeds 13 people that a new circle be born.

Assume that you start circle group at your kitchen table with two or three people. Your circle will create motion and it will expand very quickly. When your circle approaches 13 people, you invite your best leaders to create a new circles and multiply and duplicate your efforts. This circle expansion will gain great momentum as more and more people become aware.

Please prepare to share your experiences with others by subscribing to [email protected] Simply send your email and it will get posted for others to read. Eric Schaub (Aylmer, PQ) has graciously offered to create a Discussion Group at his server so that we can create better communication networks. If any reader knows of anyone facing a day in court please inform The Cyberclass Network so that like-minded people within driving distance can be present for support.

I have been pondering the abundance of information that I learned and re-learned on Saturday, April 8th. There is an expression, "A man with one eye looks pretty good in the land of the blind." Previously, I thought that the strategies offered by "Detax" and "Untax" were very good. Indeed, they are very good. BUT when I learned of the "Refusetax" strategy as presented by Dan Lavigne I saw a greater power and potential being unleashed, especially when the LETS movement can be building the "ususry-free-based" system as the Taxrefusal strategy is collpasing the old, "usury-based" system.

With all due respect to the gallant efforts of Eldon Warman for his tireless years of research within the "Detax" movement and Alex Muljiani's sincere dedication to the "Untax" movement during the past year I now believe that the optimal tactic is to promote the "Refusetax" strategy as the most effective in withdrawing total support from the respective governments. This tactic when twinned with the evolution of the global LETS "timebank" strategy creates a definite winning combination.

Furthermore, it is my perception that if the design flaw of "usury" is attacked and solved then there would be no issue with taxes. In a "usury-free" society everyone will voluntarily gift 10 percent of their earnings for the infrastructure and we will all be living in abundance and prosperity. It is clear to me that the implementation of the LETS software is the key to implementing within the infrastructure, the final solution to the problem created by the design flaw of "usury."

As we need two oars to row a boat, we likewise need two hands to manoeuvre our way through the "eye of the needle" as we seek to create prosperity and abundance in a "usury-free" society. On the one hand, we need to continue withdrawing our money from governments by utilizing Eldon's "Detax" strategies, Alex's "Untax" strategies and Dan Lavigne's "Taxrefusal" strategies. On the other hand, we need to responsibly seek ways to usher in our "usury-free" society by implementing and using the perfect model of a "usury-free" banking system - the LETS software. Withdrawing money from the system will free up more regular cash to further LETS development which is so crucial to preparing ourselves with economic lifeboats when the orthodox financial structures collapse. Dan Lavigne aptly pointed out very clearly that the orthodox financial system will collapse and very fast if millions start withdrawing their financial support.

Making a conscious decision to actively further the development and evolution of the global LETS is likewise paramount in this mission to withdraw our money from the system. I highly recommend that we do three things in this regard. First we "re-educate" oursleves on the evils of "usury", then we study in depth the LETS software which offers the "usury-free" solution. Secondly, we join a local LETSystem in our local area. Thirdly, we join the global LETS from the URL listed above. By utilizing the LETS software locally and globally we will free up more cash which we can use to accelerate the whole process towards the creation of "usury-free" living.

On Saturday, Wally Dove talked of possible political involvement with a mainstream political party at the federal level. While I understand the need for political involvement I can say from experience that there is absolutely NO possibility of any current mainstream political party espousing a platform of  "usury-free" economics. Therefore, we have two possible entries into the political process. One is at the municipal level. Any mayor, anywhere in Canada could implement a "usury-free", "community currency" within his/her local community facilitated by utilizing the LETS software. The other is either grooming "independent" political candidates or creating a political party from a databases such as those currently being built by TCN, the Detaxers, the Untaxers, the Taxrefusers, the LETSers, the Global Prosperity Teams, etc.

On the predicted "oil shortage crisis" which was raised by Dan Lavigne - I fully endorse the message delivered by Dan that we are facing a critical oil shortage. The obvious solution is to demand an immediate switch to hemp as our savior. Hemp is a universal product that grows quickly and it can be processed for multiple uses including fuel. How many people know that Henry Ford created an "all hemp" car back in the very early part of the 20th Century? The hemp industry is definitely on the rebound after having been silenced by the oil industry back in the 1930's.

On a final note, if we are to expand our networks very fast we need to carefully consider marketing this essential information and knowledge to multiple millions fast by utlilizing a powerful concpet that has recently birthed from the network marketing industry. I am referring to the concept called "vertical expansion."

The possibility of creating a "vertical expansion" marketing plan with dual accounts - a cash account and a "time currency" account is indeed possible now given the ease of modern technology. We need to contemplate creating an information package of real value which includes relevant "Detax/Untax/Refusetax"   information, and "LETS" information. This package could be made available electronically on the Internet "For Members Only" to access when they have purchsed a "password" and/or it can be available in print. The package must be priced at a reasonable price, for example $100 (US Funds). By utlilizing the concept of "vertical expansion" we have the potential to reach 3% of the population in the world very fast.

I have been holding a domain name <>since 1996. I believe that the time is right to launch a website for the upcoming mission. A very competent webmaster has recently come forth and offered to build and maintain <> in exchange for "time currency" and I am grateful for his offer. The Cyberclass Network will continue as the place in "cyberspace" where you can "learn what you did't know you didn't know." The Nousury Network will be dedicated to the the millions who are coming on board to create a society without "usury" where we will truly experience "usury-free" living. Buckminster Fuller predicted that we could have "peace and plenty" by 2020. LET'S have it NOW in 2000!

Please forward your comments re: Saturday, April 8th. Indicate which people in the "circle" inspired you the most and tell TCN who you would like to have back in the future "circles" for more sharing and learning. Also indicate which people you would like to have included in your "circles" in your respective communities. Almost anyone in the "cirlce" on Saturday is willing to negotiate a fair exchange for making the effort and taking the time to be present in your respective "circles" to further the mission. Given that it is possible to trade "time currency" it will be easier to make travel and accommodation arrangements. Also indicate others in your respective networks who could add to our "circles." TCN will build a database of "circle" supporters who are willing to network with others.

Likewise, forward your comments about the concepts and ideas summarized in this communication. TCN is positioned to act as a "Clearing House" for your ideas. LET'S just do it !!!

Be sure to bookmark these websites, pass them along to others. Please forward the URLs to websites which you know are worthy of adding to the website ring.

Eldon Warman:

Alex Muljiani:

John C. Turmel:

Dan Lavigne:

Gloabl LETS sign-up:

Learn about LETS:

Learn about SDI:

The Cyberclass Network:

Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020

Tom J. Kennedy


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