Any Level Of Government Can Abolish 'Usury'
By Tommy-Usury: Free with input by John C. 'The Engineer' Turmel

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Citizens everywhere, in every continent, in every country, in every province/state, in every municipality are forever complaining about rising taxes. There are now tax resistance movements all around the world. In Canada, we have the fast-growing 'Untax/Detax/Refusetax/Anti-tax' Movement wherein different individuals and groups advocate unique strategies to legally avoid taxes. More and more people are becoming aware that they will only solve the ever-increasing tax problems by addressing the much bigger problem of how the design flaw of 'usury' is directly and indirectly related to all taxes - income tax, the GST tax, the PST tax and every other tax.

The ultimate solution is NOT to avoid taxes BUT to evade and avoid paying 'usury' to the 'usury' elites who make up 3% of the world's population and who have been deceiving the other 97% of the population for centuries. The truth will out in 'time.' When this new level of awareness reaches 3% of the population we will experience prosperity, peace and plenty for all - and we who have figured out that we have been deceived by the 'usury' elites (3% of the population) will permit them to change their names and become anonymous rather than taking them to court and charging them with 'Wreckless Disregard For The Truth.' More details at The Freedom Cyberclassroom at this URL:

Consider how any level of government (municipal, provincial/state, federal) presently finance their projects and/or activities. Let's use the example of a municipality as this level of government is closest to the common people.

If the municipal government has expended the money allocated for snow removal and is hit with a major snowstorm, the Mayor and Council call an emergency session and authorize the issuance of $1,000,000 in municipal bonds. The Mayor and Council authorize the printing of these municipal bonds and arranges to exchange these $1,000,000 in bonds (which happen to weigh approximately 100 pounds) with a 'usury' banker for $1,000,000 in federal 'usury-bearing' currency whereby the banker reserves the right to exact 'usury' at a rate of 10%.

Now the Mayor and Council of the local municipality can use this $1,000,000 - weighing 100 pounds - to pay contractors for the snow removal. The contractors and the merchants and their employees in the municipality agree to accept the 100 pounds ($1,000,000) of federal 'usury-bearing' money in exchange for any services and/or goods offered.

But at the end of the year these same contractors, merchants and their employees face a problem that they rarely think about. The 'usury' banker demands the repayment of the 100 pounds of tokens - the principal of $1,000,000 - plus an additional 10 pounds of tokens - the 10% 'usury' which is calculated to be $100,000.

It is noteworthy to understand that the Mayor and Council of the municipality routinely demand 110 pounds of tokens equivalent to $1,100,000 of 'usury-bearing' federal dollars in taxes from the local citizens who only received the original 100 pounds of tokens valued at $1,000,000.

Why are we - the citizens - using their (the 'usury' bankers) tokens for a fee, when we could be using our own tokens for FREE? It is incredible indeed, that every municipal level of government and every other level of government has been (with the exception of a very few) using this banker's way of financing civic projects and services which deceives the tax paying local citizens and forces them to pay tribute to the 'usury' elites.

Awakening citizens everywhere all around the world are taking action to correct the situation wherein they find themselves trapped in the seemingly impossible situation of having to repay the 'usury' bankers a greater amount of money than was issued into circulation. One percent of the population are now aware that the design flaw of 'usury' is the root of all evil on this planet earth. When we raise this awareness to 3%, critical mass kicks in and then multiple millions of people will learn the 'universal truth' about 'usury-free' time currency and how it will play a significant role in saving our planet from self-destructing.

The 'timely' solution is for citizens everywhere to create their own 'usury-free' time currency and run their own independent 'usury-free' banking system either on the internet by using email and webpages. Those who do not yet have access to the internet can use a notebook whereby they enter their 'time' trades and have each trade initialed by the buyer and seller.
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The holy books, the Koran, the Talmud and the Bible all despise the exacting of 'usury.' For example, ponder this quote from the Bible: "Let the exacting of interest stop." (Nehemiah 5:10). Accepting that credit is 'usury-free' and that the exacting of 'usury' is evil, the major goal of The Cyberclass Network has become to advocate the total abolition of 'usury' on credit. This can be accomplished with ease by individuals who can easily create their own ‘usury-free’ time tokens for FREE. Likewise, any municipal government in invited to launch a beta project and thereby introduce municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds in lieu of paying the ‘usury’ bankers a FEE to use their small denomination 'usury-bearing' bonds.

Consider that President Abraham Lincoln, was an 'usury-free' advocate and he was able to implement (temporarily) a 'usury-free' currency in the 19th Century. Given the ease of modern computer technology we the 'usury-free' creatives of the 21st Century we definitely succeed in getting 'usury-free' time currencies implemented so that indeed we can all experience 'prosperity, peace and plenty by 2020.'

Which will be the first municipal Mayor and Council daring to authorize the printing of $1,000,000 in municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds for a snow removal project (or otherwise) whereby the Mayor negotiates to bypass the 'usury' bankers? The Mayor and Council would authorize the printing up of $1,000,000 in municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds bearing 'no usury.' These 'usury-free' tokens will weigh 100 pounds. The Mayor and Council will pay for the targeted local project with the 100 pounds of 'usury-free' time tokens instead of accepting the fallacy of having to use the 100 pounds of small denomination 'usury-bearing' bills to pay for the project and then find 10 more pounds of small denomination 'usury-bearing' bills to pay the 'usury' bankers.

Consider that the municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds retain the value of the original services performed and therefore, inflation ceases to exist. The contractors, the merchants and their employees will agree to accept the 100 pounds in municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds from the civil servants in exchange for the same goods and/or services that they would have delivered for the 100 pounds in 'usury-bearing' federal dollars. Everyone will understand that the middleman - the 'usury' banker has been cut out of the equation and they will no longer be required to pay the 10% 'usury' payments (10 pounds) due to the banker at the end of each year.

The citizens will be excited and will be fully supportive of their elected officials (Mayor and Councillors) who will only have to demand the original (100 pounds) or $1,000,000 of municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds in taxes, thereby paying for only the principal and saving their constituents the additional 10 pounds ($100,000) in taxes which was historically used to pay the 'usury' bankers the 10% which they demand as a fee.

The above explanation demonstrates that municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds can be NOW be used to clear snow and/or initiate and complete any other activity or project equally as well. Isn't it interesting that until this present time, we-the-citizens believed that we had to pay tribute to the 'usury' bankers? We used their (tokens) small denomination 'usury-bearing' federal dollars for a FEE, when all through history we could have been using our own (tokens) 'usury-free' time currency for FREE.

Starting NOW and in the future, any Mayor and Council can print up sufficient municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds to hire the abundance of able-bodied citizens who are disempowered by relying on welfare and unemployment. With the reality of 'usury-free' time currency and its inevitable acceptance by those who use it,  the common people will soon be able to build themselves affordable housing that can be purchased with their own 'usury-free' time currency because housing (and every other industry) can now be financed with our new 'usury-free' time currency.

With less and less people on welfare and/or unemployment, our taxes can and will be reduced. With more and more people able to pay their fair share, our taxes will again be reduced even further. The abolition of 'usury' will even benefit those who have traditionally relied on 'usury' for their incomes because the coming tax cuts will be so massive that the amounts will exceed the spread between what s/he gets in 'usury' and what s/he loses in inflation.

Historically, 'usury' did benefit the petty 'usurers' because on foreclosure, the debtor (the one paying the 'usury') would become her/his slave and be put to work. In the 21st Century, foreclosures no longer benefit the petty 'usurers' wealth by the direct addition of profit producing slaves.

Actually, modern foreclosures decrease the petty 'usurers' wealth by increasing her/his taxation to pay for the ever-increasing number of unemployed and welfare recipients - who are simply victims of 'usury.'

The abolition of 'usury' will definitely benefit both those who have historically depended on 'usury' earnings and those who paid their 'usury' payments to the banking elites. Initially, participation within the 'usury-free' time currency movement will be completely voluntary. Only those individuals, business owners, employees, governments, etc. who agree to accept this new 'usury-free' time currency as full payment or partial payment of any service and/or product will save the former 'usury' tax.

Those who for lack of knowledge seek to discredit and not accept this new 'usury-free' time currency (in part or in whole) for payment of any service and/or product will NOT save the 'usury' tax and will therefore be permitted to enjoy the ever increasing taxes that they currently enjoy.

Consider what is and has been happening in Argentina. Readers are invited to visit the Argentina Cyberclassroom at this URL:

And consider that Mayor Bob Chiarelli has not yet taken action on this idea of having the City of Ottawa create its own municipal 'usury-free' time currency bonds though he has been aware of it since the late 1990's. He and the Ottawa Councillors have been receiving information by email, regularly - every two months since November 30th, 2000.

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