The Three Percenters
By Tommy-Usury-Free
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On Sunday, January 27th, 2002, Barry Zwicker wrote and article which was published by the alternative electronic media network known as Straight Goods  Barrie Zwicker is host of, and a producer with, VisionTV Insight -- The MediaFile Edition, on which this commentary, in broadcast form, first aired. More background information at this URL:

The Straight Goods article was entitled: 'What really happened on Sept. 11th? - Part 2' with a subtitle : 'Too many loose ends call for the toughest kind of media questions but they're not being asked... yet.' It is posted at this URL: It is noteworthy that Jeff Rense from posted this story entitled 'Canadian TV Breaks 9-11 / CIA Complicity Story' on his website (which gets more than 6 million hits a month) on January 30, 2002

I welcome the article by Barry Zwicker because it demonstrates that indeed the two-percenters are starting to ask the same questions that the one-percenters started asking minutes after those fateful events in the morning of September 11th 2001. Readers are invited to commence and/or continue their own pursuit of  self-imposed research by visiting The WTC Cyberclassroom which was launched "the day after.' 

Barry raises questions about 'no interceptors' and 'no reprimands' BUT there are many other questions to raise such as: Why would fire on the upper stories of the World Trade Center would cause the much thicker steel beams in the lower stories to collapse is such a short period of time? What about Bin Laden's connections to the CIA and the Bush oil interests? Why did the tower which was hit second collapse first? Were there simultaneous implosions in either or both of the World Trade Centre Towers when the planes crashed? Was there likewise a simultaneous implosion at the Pentagon as the plane stuck its side? Was the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania struck by a missile? What about the possibility of all four planes being powered by Global Hawk technology, otherwise known as remote control technology? &  And most importantly - America is now spending $153 million a week in Afghanistan and it's rising every week - Who has benefited? Who is benefiting? Who will benefit?

When the three-percenters are awakened to start asking similar questions critical mass will set in and then we will uncover the 'universal truth' and the majority of the other ninety-seven percenters will open their eyes while a minority will likely remain blinded.

To clarify who are the one-percenters and who are the two-percenters and who are the three-percenters, let me first address those words which come from the root word 'conspire.' According to the Webster Dictionary, the word 'conspire' comes from Latin. 'Conspiro' means to plot and 'spiro' means to breathe. It follows that the word 'conspire' means 'to breathe together' or 'to agree by oath, covenant, or otherwise to commit a crime.' And 'conspiracy' means 'a secret combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement or combination to  commit some crime in concert.' Recently, I have come to the understanding that indeed the 'greatest conspiracy' is that there is no conspiracy.

Those researchers who dared to explore 'conspiratorial' research during the 20th Century were (and many still are) the true one-percenters. Much of what Gary Allen and Larry Abraham wrote in the paperback entitled "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," and published in 1971 is proving to be true. Many of us were motivated to pursue further self-imposed research after reading the eight chapters in that little paperback. I picked it up at a used book store in 1980 and in the early years I set out to disprove their conclusions. Instead, I found that almost everything referred to documented, recorded and proven to be factual. 'See For Yourself - Selected Elites & Their NwoAffiliations':

During the ensuing years, I have continued to pursue the forbidden 'conspiratorial' research and much to my chagrin I am finding more and more evidence to help me understand why 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy' when the conventional news media and the 'authorities' incessantly attempt to discredit the knowledge and facts of the 'evil conspiracy' that are being uncovered locally, nationally and internationally. What happened on September 11th, 2001 and what has followed since is clearly transparent for a one-percenter - especially if s/he has read 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy' or any other equally informative books such as those listed at The Books Cyberclassroom:

Gary Allen with co-author Larry Abraham put forth their 'conspiratorial' research is eight chapters: Readers are invited to review these excerpts from 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy' The endorsement on the back cover of the book by Ezra Taft Benson is noteworthy indeed. Ezra Taft Benson was former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and then President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He said, "I wish that every man and women in the free world and behind the iron and bamboo curtains might read this excellent book."

Two-percenters are those people whose minds and/or lips are asking questions and questioning the answers spouted by the 'authorities.' In my own circles I have observed an interesting phenomenon since September 11th, 2001. When I am present at family gatherings and/or when I attend other social or business functions the topic of September 11th often arises. In follow-up discussions I always suggest that the hidden and selfish agenda of the mainstream media and the Usury Elites' Group of Companies may be such that we are not being told the 'universal truth' about September 11th and many other events and issues.

After some discussion, many will become interested in looking at the world differently. Then I invite them to visit The WTC Cyberclassroom to commence their self-imposed research. The two-percenters are easily identified for they will often say words like: "You know I was thinking similar thoughts BUT I was afraid to say anything." As these two-percenters, aided by the one-percenters, become 're-educated' with the 'universal truth' they will share their new knowledge with their family, friends, working colleagues, business associates etc., and from within these newly informed networks with emerge a new and ever-expanding  and even more credible network which will comprise the three-percenters. The three-percenters are not as blind to the 'universal truth' as those who are the four-percenters and beyond.

The 'universal truth' will become clearer and clearer each passing day for the three-percenters as they begin to see through the 'lies, deceit and deception' that is being foisted upon them by the 'usury' elites. These three-percenters will not likely come from those middle to upper class citizens aged from 30 years to 60 years because they are employed at the highest levels of the respective pyramids of business, media, government etc., consequently, they will have the most to lose when they are faced with admitting that they've been hoodwinked for their entire careers by unknowingly working for the hidden agenda of the New World Order. In summary, they are beholden to the 'system' as they are trapped having to pay the monthly 'usury' and 'taxes' as craftily exacted by the 'usury' elites and their enforcers.

These three-percenters will come from the youth - the generation aged between 13 and 26. When they learn the 'universal truth' they will be convinced that indeed there is a conspiracy and they will devout every waking breath to exposing the 'lies, deceit and deception' to foil the conspiratorial plot which has its deepest roots in the 'usury' money system. The three-percenters will at great sacrifice, set aside formal education and materialism which entraps the masses and become activists for 'universal truth' in all that they do.

Our greatest hope lies with these three-percenters - for a respected mathematician has explained that three-percent is the magic number where critical mass kicks in and the majority of the other ninety-seven percenters will be awakened to their plight - if they do not change the way they spend their money and they way they blindly accept being more and more controlled by 'usury' and 'taxes' two of the most effective tools of The New World Order. The three-percenters will find that their most powerful weapon will be the printed word - whether it be networked electronically on the internet or as hard copies in books, pamphlets and single page flyers.

Though during the coming struggle they may have to walk through martial law and temporary chaos, these three-percenters will lead the way to becoming free of 'usury and taxes,' 'scarcity, poverty and lack' and thereby establishing abundance, prosperity, and  'peace and plenty' by 2020. In the end 'truth will out in time' as this cartoon sketch from the Montreal Star, November 12th, 1914 suggests.

With help and guidance from the one-percenters and the two-percenters, the three-percenters will have the greatest impact in harvesting the fruits of those less-than-one-percenters who have relentlessly pursued 'universal truth' while  being ridiculed by the ill-informed public. The three-percenters are just now showing up on the radar screen. Expect many miracles for 'universal truth' in 2002 and beyond.

There's more to we seek justice for all... &

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